Stop the world I want to get off!

No seriously, stop the world I want to get off!

I feel as though no one is listening to me. Why does the world keep moving? Okay maybe that’s just a gentle reminder that horizontal is so much better than vertical.

I know that it’s the Christmas season but does mr lupus really have to invite his friends over for a party and do they have to make so much noise. There has to be something terribly wrong with that. I’m currently battling ‘a virus’ (isn’t that a catch all for not sure what’s wrong but take these tablets), have some serious mobility issues and my whole body hurts and that doesn’t take into consideration high blood pressure, and blood clotting issues.

As you can imagine I am a little the worst for wear, with my body only answering to small very easy to do commands.

I’m back on the settee and back infront of the TV not my favourite place but definitely a familiar one, only problem is TV really is BAD. Isn’t there a law against continually repeating programmes? There should be. Maybe I could use my time wisely and start a petition or create a lobby group. Okay enough of that, just the thought of it all makes me feel ‘tired’ who I am kidding I don’t have enough energy to get up and get to the kitchen let alone anything else so strenuous :-)

But the great news is I’ve lost weight and am hoping that soon I will be able to celebrate that fact.

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