“Hold a true friend with both hands”

That is a wonderful African proverb and although I am not his friend, I’m convinced it is one that mr lupus is taking very seriously.

His latest antics are interesting to say the least. I wake up in the morning and he appears to have been holding my hands between his for the whole night.

I like the idea of a man holding my hands all night, well not just any man, a tall dark handsome, breath taking reflection of God’s heart for me kind of man, what a romantic vision! I could dine off that one for a while but alas mr lupus does not fit the bill in anyway shape or form, so let’s get back to talking about my hands.

My fingers are swollen and my rings are developing a relationship without me, but I’m still full of hope, keeping driving to a minimum for obvious reasons, but still believing that, whilst it may not be today, it could be tomorrow that my hands resume some kind of normality.

I will otherwise have to resort to some form of defensive action which includes bending, stretching and probably a lot more pain. I’m hoping I won’t have to resort to that one.


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