Keeping the wolf from the door

It’s officially cold in my part of town and I have to admit that I really don’t like it. Okay maybe that is an understatement. I hate it and more significantly my limbs hate it too (nice to know that we agree on something). I seem to have developed a new symptom of a tingling sensation as well as pins and needles in my fingers.  No fun at all!

And just in case adding a new symptom to an already overcrowded list is not enough, when my fingers recently connected with water they screamed loudly. Definitely not a good look and the fact that it seems to be getting colder I can only imagine what the future holds…

But of course I am not taking all of this on board. I am choosing to look beyond the immediate challenge and believe that this is somehow just another interesting chapter in story of my life.


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I am a fun loving woman of a certain age who believes that living with lupus is more than just about symptoms, medications and treatment. Laughter and a positive mental attitude are the essential nutrients in my daily diet and I just want to share a word or two to contribute to yours. And I am a certified Laughter Leader!


  1. Della says:

    You haven’t posted for a long time. Hope all is well with you!
    Take Care,

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