So what about mr lupus in 2010?

mountain-topWow I made it and I stand (okay lie down) boldly at the beginning of a new year. Yes I know I sound surprised but there were moments in 2009 when I have to admit that I thought mr lupus had won and at those times, I would have willingly handed over the keys to my life but as if on cue, something unexpected would always happen to ensure that I tightened my grip for just a little bit longer and today as I sit (I have managed to get up) on the edge of 2010 I have to say that I am glad that I did.

So what in 2010?

I have decided that just because my joints are swollen and my body feels like a battlefield that is no reason to lose site of this new adventure unfolding before me.  I am choosing to approach 2010 with hope and excitement, embracing it warts and all. Okay I admit that this train of thought may be fuelled in part by my pain patch and the morphine pleasure that is currently flowing through my veins, but I am giving my new way of thinking the credit.  My current thought pattern simply states that I am greater than anything mr lupus can throw at me.

There is a saying: “it’s not where you start but where you finish that counts” and I have decided to take it on board as a mantra and am determined to finish well.

In the spirit of finishing well, here are 8 things (I know things usually come in seven’s but I had to squeeze in an extra one) that I am doing, in earnest, to give myself a fighting chance of having a successful 2010.  I have:

Decluttered my house – you will be amazed at the amount of energy that is released when you throw things away that are currently serving you no purpose. And I found (surprisingly) that I had lots of things.

Created a vision board – Having a vision of yourself beyond lupus symptoms is a powerful weapon to beat mr lupus over the head with. My vision board now has pride of place on my bedroom wall. I see it when I wake up and when I go to bed and I will either get fed up of seeing it or it will help me to achieve great things. I am holding out for the latter.

Set myself some powerful goals – Having something to work towards gives each day and my life in general purpose. I have a reason to be and I have created all the forms and charts to help make the process fun, after all without the fun what’s the point.

Reduced my television viewing time – Spending less time (except today) in front of brain numbing TV frees up time to be creative and do something more constructive.  I wouldn’t have been able to do the other things if I hadn’t turned the TV off.

Painted a canvas – I have wanted to paint and I did it. I now have my very own work of art for the living room “entitled Blank Canvas”. Who knows the rest of the house may benefit from my artistic prowess. My art teacher would be proud of me.

Decided that I am all right just the way I am – I am happy with me, which makes all the time I spend with myself more worthwhile.

Joined Toastmasters – I couldn’t resist the thought of people listening to me talk and applauding, it is so much better than talking to myself and a lot less likely to have me in need of mental help.

Joined the library – you will be amazed at the wealth of literature (books) that libraries have. My favourite crime writer is James Patterson and he publishes about 5 or 6 books a year in hardback far too expensive to buy but cheap (free) to rent from the library.

So as 2010 gently unfolds I refuse to let aches and pains, obstacles and lost moments, steroids and blood pressure medication, lupus symptoms and walking aids and all of the other luggage mr lupus brings with him to deter me from my mission which is simply to laugh, love and live in 2010.

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