I asked!

Can you believe it, today I asked a friend to show me how to do something we both know I know how to do. Essentially I was asking her to give me permission to be me. Bizarre I know but mr lupus has me second guessing myself. Somehow because of the diagnosis and the journey I am on I feel disabled and when I say disabled I mean unable to do the simple but important things. I don’t trust me to be me! But as I really don’t have the energy or motivation to be anyone else I’m gonna have to learn, actually that’s not true I don’t need to learn anything I just need to push mr lupus to one said and be!

What can I learn from this?
A lesson for us all I think. We need to define ourselves before mr lupus has a chance to give power to his definitition. If you could do it yesterday, you can do it today. You might have to adapt it or adopt a different approach but you can still do it. And further more this can do line of thinking will ensure you keep doing what  you know you can do and challenging you to do the things you once thought you couldn’t.


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