It’s safe honest!

“Everything I can’t find is in a totally secure place.”

Does this ever happen to you. You know you put it in a safe place but the problem is you can’t remember where that safe place is. I had a substantial amount of cash which I put in a safe place assuring myself that I would remember where I put it. Of course I would and then time got in the way and I forgot all about it.

I had no idea where I put it and all thoughts I had about my powers of recollection went out of the window. It was weeks later that I accidentally came across my cash. Not recommended!

This situation taught me three things to help me through this process:

  • Write it down in your journal, your notebook, computer, phone. Tell yourself what you have done so that when you need to remember you have something to help you.
  • Tell your best friend. Another mind is often useful to help you with the process
  • Be consistent. Create a safe place where you put everything that you want to be safe and secure. That way you will know exactly where that important thing is.

Until the next time.


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