Laughing on Saturday 9 July

The Daily Fog weekendIt’s been a while, a very long while and today although it’s a short one I think you’ll love this because I have decided that it’s time to start laughing with mr lupus again and I have so much to tell you about.

God knows there’s been a whole lot to cry about from ambulances to hair loss to hospital stays and stair lifts and all of the bits inbetween but of course I’m not going to let any of that get in the way of me laughing.

My friend is a comedienne and I have been accompanying her to some of her gigs and found that laughter really helped to lighten the load and create an oasis in the midst of the mr lupus crap and I wanted to do more I even thought about becoming a comedienne myself but there was something about crutch humour that I couldn’t quite get my head around :-)

Forever the resourceful one I decided it was time to do something different and I was reminded to dust off a copy of Norman Cousin’s ‘Anatomy of an Illness’ which describes Cousins discovers the benefits of humour and other positive emotions in battling a potentially fatal disease and then I had my ahaha moment (I think that was it but with lupus fog there are times when you never know) and decided to find a way to laugh more. As I am all about sharing I also wanted to help others to laugh more and as a result I am spending the weekend laughing. Seriously I am but rather than just another day at the mental health unit in Lewisham, I am learning Laughter Yoga and how to be a laughter leader.

Laughter Yoga was developed in 1995 by Dr Kataria in India, check here for more information.

And of course watch this space as I share and maybe even start the lupus laughter club. Who knows!!


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I am a fun loving woman of a certain age who believes that living with lupus is more than just about symptoms, medications and treatment. Laughter and a positive mental attitude are the essential nutrients in my daily diet and I just want to share a word or two to contribute to yours. And I am a certified Laughter Leader!

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