It’s going to be foggy inside today!

It is one thing for the weather to be wet cold and miserable outside but for that same conditions to exist in your head is another story completely.

I have to admit to being lost in the fog over the past couple of weeks and not being able to see the light that I need to get me through. Isn’t it amazing how our minds play tricks on us. It’s bad enough when the mind does a merry dance when you are living a life without lupus but with mr lupus fogginess seems to go to a whole new level and bring with it a completely absurd perspective. Of course the clutter in my house is not out to get me!

At least it’s not voices in my head, I don’t think I’m hearing voices, but maybe I am, after all who am I having this conversation with. Please tell me it’s you or there just might be something else I need to concern myself with.

I heard somewhere that “the only real failure in life is the failure to try” so today I get up once again and ¬†battle my way through the fog in the firm belief that I will be able to see clearly soon. Isn’t that a song, maybe I’ll take up a hobby and sing my way through the fog.


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I am a fun loving woman of a certain age who believes that living with lupus is more than just about symptoms, medications and treatment. Laughter and a positive mental attitude are the essential nutrients in my daily diet and I just want to share a word or two to contribute to yours. And I am a certified Laughter Leader!

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