Unfinished business

I admit it I am having a ‘few’ lupus challenges at the moment (I can no longer pretend) so when someone sends you an out of the blue text that says:

‘my friend has lupus and they are not sure she is going to make it through the night’

it feels like a huge blow to the stomach. I don’t know the person with lupus, I don’t even know her name but she has now become very important to me. I even woke up this morning thinking about her and am now checking my text messages regularly for some news.

I sent several texts yesterday asking for news but my friend seems to have forgotten that I too have lupus and news of death and despair are not very comforting (particularly at the moment) and she hasn’t let me know whether her friend did indeed make it through the night.

So I watch and I wait and pray that my lupus fog lifts a little so what ever the outcome I am not derailed by it.

I think whether you have lupus or not you need to think about what you say to others and never leave things hanging. So today if you have any unfinished business or unfinished conversations go finish them!


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