I’m up and at it and you should be too!

Do you ever find that there are things that help to make you feel better but because of the ‘depression, pain, lack of motivation etc. you just don’t get around to doing it?

Please tell me that this is not just me!
Writing makes me feel  better, something about sharing in the moment helps to lift the heaviness of it all and in the midst of that I think of being able to help someone else and somehow the journey seems to be all the more worthwhile BUT I haven’t written in a while, I haven’t shared or connected and to be perfectly honest with you I just couldn’t be bothered but that all changed when I got an email from SLE Lupus Foundation which said:

“I want to commend you on your wonderful website for the insight it provides on coping with Lupus on a daily basis, as well as the help information and resources it provides.”

Whilst this may be a standard email sent out to a number of people, I have to admit  that it made me feel good and sent me back to the keyboard to share some more of me and  ’my insight’

I am sharing this with you not so much as a boast (although we all like to feel good) but more of a boost to encourage you to:

  1. Do whatever you need to help you through the hills and valleys that lupus brings
  2. Discover new ways to keep your mind active and off of the challenges and obstacles (I rediscovered knitting)
  3. Tell people how you are feeling or if you feel challenged by speaking about it start journalling about it. Write down your thoughts, feelings, fears, hopes and aspirations. Getting it out of you helps to clear the fog
  4. Smile often, even when you don’t actually feel like it, it seems to have more power in those times
  5. Make connections. It may be surprising for you to know that we are more alike then we are different. Go out there, physically or virtually, and make new connections. You will be glad that you did.
  6. Remember you are wonderful, even living with this condition.
  7. Connect with me on laughing with mr lupus I want to make some new friends


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I am a fun loving woman of a certain age who believes that living with lupus is more than just about symptoms, medications and treatment. Laughter and a positive mental attitude are the essential nutrients in my daily diet and I just want to share a word or two to contribute to yours. And I am a certified Laughter Leader!

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