10 things I couldn’t live without

Sometimes in relationships one person says to another I just can’t live without you but as relationships often lead to break ups we know that this is not always true but there are certain things that make our lives complete that contribute to the pep in our step and the joy in our day.

I searched the corridors of my life for the important things. It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be to narrow my life down to 10 things. This was not due to having too many things to deal with, it was because I realised that I had been living a very narrow life and I couldn’t think of 10 things but perseverance (which incidentally I discovered is one of my 10) is the key and I dug deep (really deep) and managed to increase my number to the 10 things I couldn’t possibly live without.

1. God

2. My smile. This has helped me through many a challenging
situation and has been a wonderful gift to share with others

3. A pen. I am convinced I was born with a pen in my hand. It to
record my thoughts and inspirations

4. Inspiration from my mum. Although she has been dead for almost
17 years her encouragement and inspiration lives on

5. Perseverance. That inner grit that keeps you going even when my
world feels like it is falling apart

6. Red lip gloss. I watched a movie once that

7. My mobile phone. I hate to admit it but I have become quite
attached to my phone. It now even alarms to let me know when it’s
time to drink water

8. My BFF she calls me every day even when I don’t want to talk to

9. Big chunky earrings. With my bald head it helps to detract
attention from those lupus scars

10. A comfortable place to lay my head, which is sometimes my bed and
sometimes the settee, as that lupus fatigue and general crapiness
means I often need to just take it easy and lie down.

That’s it I’ve done it, I’ve listed my 10 things and you know what I realise that whilst some of the things will be the same forever others are subject to change. But I’m not concerned because I know that change is ok, well that is what I am thinking right now!


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