Carole’s letter to her 16 year old self

From the desk of a wiser 40 something year old
Tuesday 10 April 2012

Dear Carole,

I am talking to you from your future. Given your furtile imagination it’s probably not hard to imagine yourself 33 years older but you will never have guessed how it would have turned out so I just want to share some of the wisdom and insight that the journey through the years has taught me in the hope that some of it will help you to enjoy and appreciate the paths that lay before you.

There is so much I want to say about who you are and the gifts and the power that you have yet to discover about yourself, but this isn’t about changing the course of history more about raising your awareness about the things and people around you and in your life so I have chosen instead to offer you 10 strategies to live your life by:

1 Listen more to your mother, she is equipping you with power beyond your imagination
that will keep you in good stead for the future. Know that when she tells you that you are
beautiful she means it but more importantly wants you to know and own it too.

2 Get to know your dad better and find a common ground to walk on. He is nothing like your mother
but that is not a bad thing and one day it will be just the two of you.

3 Take lots of photographs with mum and as a family as there will be a time in the future when
those photos will remind you of so much.

4 Don’t give up on your dream of being a teacher or playing tennis at a higher level. Take your
talent and run with it there is a place for you.

5 You are a leader do not get caught up in following others unless you are clear where they are
leading you to.

6 Learn as much as you can about managing your money. Save and invest, this will put you in good
stead for the future

7 Continue with your writing and your passion for talking there is a world waiting to hear from you.

8 Tell someone about what is happening to you, it will take away the pain and make life all the
more enjoyable. Know that it is not your fault.

9 Keep learning to speak French, there will come a time when the world will open its’ doors wider
to you because of that.

10 Don’t turn your back on the opportunity for love. That feeling does not come your way often.

And as you step forward into a bright, yet unknown future remember to acknowledge and put God first in all that you do. He is amazing and will always come through for you. Also develop a loving and meaningful relationship with yourself. You are truly beautiful and more powerful than you can imagine remember that and don’t ever let any situations or circumstances dull your shine.

Enjoy the journey

Your older and wiser self


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