My Dream Day

Interesting that my post should be titled my dream day as the amount of sleep I have been doing in the last few days would suggest that I have been having plenty of those, but of course that is not what we mean here.

My dream day would begin with a view of the sunrise over the sea, from the porch of my 4 bedroom villa in Jamaica sipping my daily mug of hot water and lemon to cleanse the palate and prepare my taste buds. It would be some alone time with me and God giving thanks for another day and asking for guidance for the day ahead.

Next step would be to playfully wake my gorgeous husband to entice him to join me in the pool for my morning exercise, or at least to keep me company whilst I swim and then we will have a fruit platter and banana porridge for breakfast prepared by our chef.

As I watch my husband dress for work I will start to think about all the things I need to get done for the day and just how much fun I will have doing them.

Hubby goes off to work in town and I cycle down the road to the ‘Eve Mansions’ the Women’s Retreat Centre I created, where women come to relax, unwind and recharge. We have a full day with workshops about pampering and nutrition scheduled.

I have some guests checking out and a group of 25 women flying in from the UK that need to be picked up from the airport. I love talking to the women as they leave knowing that I have played a small part in helping them feel better physically, spiritually and emotionally. I also have a new member of staff starting today who needs to be orientated into the ‘Eve Mansions’ way. I just love this work lots of talking, listening, sharing and of course pampering.

Before I know it the day is nearly over and as I cross through the last thing on my to do today list I feel pleased with myself. One of the things I have taught myself and others is not to make too long a list for each day. Make it achievable and you will be able to add more to it as you go along.

As I file the papers on my desk I receive a text, it’s a message from hubby to tell me that he loves me and to not go home to meet him at our favorite spot on the beach, he has a surprise for me. I just love surprises so don’t need to be told twice.

I take a leisurely shower and change into some more suitable attire for a romantic evening (I am always prepared with clothes for every eventuality in my office. It’s a big office). Before leaving the office I take a quick walk around the grounds, talk to reception and house keeping before leaving for the day and heading off to meet hubby.

What a wonderful way to end an already amazing day. Hubby has cooked my favorite meal and brought out a bottle of Dom Perignon. The table is set for a beautiful evening under the stars. As we laugh and talk and watch the sun set I think back to the start of my day and I say a silent prayer and give thanks for all the wonderful things that have happened today.

We put my bike into the back of the car and drive home. The day is over but the night is still young. The adventure has only just begun!

As I put the final full stop I realise that this is still a dream. I’m single and I don’t live in Jamaica but I have seen the sunrise and the sunset and all things are possible because tomorrow is another day!

Today’s prompt. My Dream Day. Describe your ideal day. How would you spend your time? Who would you spend it with? Have you had this day? If not – how could you make it happen?


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