#HAWMC Day 15: Writing in style

Do you often do things on auto pilot and only become conscious about it when questioned. I do that sometimes when driving and often get way down a particular road before realising I wasn’t going there today! I call this unconscious living which we need to do for some things but no so much for others. I think I’ll start a movement for conscious living to encourage myself and others to be aware of each moment.

There I go off on a tangent again but isn’t that what unconscious living often causes us to do?

Back to the question in hand what’s my writing style?
I hadn’t really thought about my writing style before so I am going to combine feedback with conscious thought.

My style is conversational, witty (some of the time)and inspirational, seeking to create powerful images in the minds of my readers that get them thinking.

I have worked with international authors and writers and for what seems like an age couldn’t see myself in their rank. I always thought that to be a writer you needed to have the perfect ‘plan’, that you worked at diligently. I didn’t have a plan so how could I be a writer?

All of my writing stems from a simple thought, which stems from something I have seen, heard or have a picture of, or in this case a written instruction.

I just realised that the basis of everything I write seems to centre around inspiration. I talk about some of my darkest moments as a way to encourage and inspire others.

Words flow from my thoughts to my finger tips, sometimes I use a pen (but those days are getting less and less)and sometimes the keyboard is my choice of delivery. I think I need to encourage myself to write more on paper as a none interrupted stream of thought, but I love the keyboard because I feel it gives me licence to dump my thoughts in no particular order and then to move them around to reshape the writing piece in question.

I don’t always have a plan before I write but as soon as the flow starts I usually discover the plan and the picture of what I would like the finished article to be.

Sometimes I have a title that I write to and sometimes I just have a thought, write around that and then decide on the title. I have had my greatest flow in a place surrounded by books, sometimes that is in the cafe of a book shop other times it is in my office. There is something about the wisdom of others that inspires me.

I am a writer, I may not follow the conventions of others but that’s perfectly ok because I am an original hand crafted by God!

Today’s prompt: Writing with Style. What’s your writing style? Do words just flow from your mind to your fingertips? Do you like handwriting first? Do you plan your posts? Title first or last? Where do you write best?


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