The only martyrs are dead ones!

When your GP asks if you want an ambulance say yes! Sometimes it doesn’t help to be a martyr! I thought I’d had it sorted out. Instead of my usual it will pass approach to health and healing I chose to go to the doctor as soon as I was aware that there was something wrong. Great I thought no hospital for me. My GP was going to sort it all out!

I sat in the chair looking hopeful in the GP’s direction. I admit I was crying a little but all was unfolding nicely until the GP apologised and asked me if I wanted him to call me an ambulance. Of course I said no surely I wasn’t that sick! He asked me a total of three times (and then wrote it in the notes to take with me) and each time I assured him it was ok my friend would take me.

And she did!
Our first stop was reception, then minors where the nurse checked my blood pressure three times before declaring that anyone with that blood pressure is having a stroke. I assured him that I wasn’t and he declared that this was not minor it was major. So we moved to the next section where we discovered all kinds of interesting things that I’d rather not have known.

I then spent the next four hours persuding them that they really didn’t want to keep me and that my heart, blood pressure, chest infection and breathing would sort itself out.

It all worked out almost! At least I came home.


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