Weekend food for thought!

Light in the fog I discovered that accepting something is not the same as liking something. I know that should have already been obvious but it took me a while to get it.

I have been unwilling to accept my lot because somewhere in the back of my mind I harboured the misguided thought that if I accepted my current situation with lupus that I was somehow condoning it.

Now I know that’s not true and on the off chance that you have been harbouring similar thoughts I just wanted to share my revelation with you.


Light in the fog

Weekend food for thought!

I discovered that accepting something is not the … [Read More...]

Light in the fog

Can you get addicted?

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I am a fun loving woman of a certain age who believes that living with lupus is more than just about symptoms, medications and treatment. Laughter and a positive mental attitude are the essential nutrients in my daily diet and I just want to share a word or two to contribute to yours. And I am a certified Laughter Leader!

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