It’s lupus Awareness month 10 things I need you to be aware of.

lupus awareness monthBut for me I am already aware. I often wonder what to do at times like this.
What do I want people to be aware of? and more importantly
what do I want them to do?

Every year this time comes around I feel stumped. I don’t want to just let you know that lupus exists, after all I did that last year. I’d actually like to give you something to think about and maybe even something that you can do with the newly acquired knowledge.

10 things to know

  • More people have Lupus than have AIDS, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and cystic fibrosis combined! (But I bet you’ve heard of them.)
  • Sometimes we look amazing whilst having the worst time of our lives. lupus has been nicknamed the look good feel bad disease
  • We know you can’t fix it. Sometimes we just need you to listen
  • We know you can’t fix it, sometimes we just need a hug
  • Don’t tell us there are people worst off than ourselves. We know that already and it doesn’t help!
  • Sometimes we need a helping hand but might not be able to ask for it. Please listen to what we are saying and hear what is being said (or not said)
  • We may be living with a chronic condition but we still want to laugh and have fun include us
  • lupus is something we are living with and whilst it might affect our mobility, our mood and sometimes even our memory we are still fully functional and valuable
  • We don’t need you to think for us. We need you to love us and work with us
  • There will be good days and bad days but isn’t that just life?

    You may not know someone who is directly affected by lupus but you have important people in your life so today why not just tell them that you love them and show them that you care!


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