Wasn’t it the tortoise who won the race?


I don’t care what you say that’s the thought I am holding onto! When I first heard of the Health Activist Writers Month Challenge I was excited at the thought of being part of something bigger than myself and of operating under the umbrella of a Health Activist. As the days drifted by I forgot [...]

Laughing with mr lupus theme song

musical note

I have been challenged to write a song. There is something about the idea of writing a song that takes me to a place of cannots rather than can dos so I am digging deep to complete the task set before me. Today is not the greatest of days and I think the lyrics reflect [...]

Carole’s letter to her 16 year old self


From the desk of a wiser 40 something year old Tuesday 10 April 2012 London Dear Carole, I am talking to you from your future. Given your furtile imagination it’s probably not hard to imagine yourself 33 years older but you will never have guessed how it would have turned out so I just want [...]

Keep Calm there is a remedy!


The Keep Calm posters and parafanaila are everywhere and the idea of calmness, particularly in the face of a storm, holds great appeal. I have however, decided that in my version it is not so much about calmness and being still, but more about creating an oasis in the midst of the crap. An oasis [...]

Sometimes you need to make a change!


We all know what foggy looks like and for those of us who seem to be afflicted from time to time with that environment in our heads we know there is no fun there. I’ve decided to declare war on the fogginess (it is clearly not a foggy moment now) and instead of just talking [...]

#HAWMC Day 2: Quotation Inspiration

I love words so there are actually many quotes that I love and I find inspiring, so in making a choice I decided to take one of my current feelings and think of a quote relating to that. I have lupus patches on my scalp which often shine red, and lupus has started to invade [...]

I’m up and at it and you should be too!


Do you ever find that there are things that help to make you feel better but because of the ‘depression, pain, lack of motivation etc. you just don’t get around to doing it? Please tell me that this is not just me! Writing makes me feel ¬†better, something about sharing in the moment helps to [...]

It’s not good but it’s ok!

Nick Cannon diagnosed with lupus nephritis with wife Mariah Carey

It’s not nice when anyone is diagnosed with any lupus related condition. I think I would like it to be an exclusive club which doesn’t allow anyone in and actively seeks to get people out of the club but that’s a fantasy so when someone high profile speaks out about their challenges it can only [...]

It’s going to be foggy inside today!


It is one thing for the weather to be wet cold and miserable outside but for that same conditions to exist in your head is another story completely. I have to admit to being lost in the fog over the past couple of weeks and not being able to see the light that I need [...]

Unfinished business


I admit it I am having a ‘few’ lupus challenges at the moment (I can no longer pretend) so when someone sends you an out of the blue text that says: ‘my friend has lupus and they are not sure she is going to make it through the night’ it feels like a huge blow [...]