#HAWMC Day 15: Writing in style


Do you often do things on auto pilot and only become conscious about it when questioned. I do that sometimes when driving and often get way down a particular road before realising I wasn’t going there today! I call this unconscious living which we need to do for some things but no so much for [...]

My Dream Day

My beautiful picture

Interesting that my post should be titled my dream day as the amount of sleep I have been doing in the last few days would suggest that I have been having plenty of those, but of course that is not what we mean here. My dream day would begin with a view of the sunrise [...]

10 things I couldn’t live without


Sometimes in relationships one person says to another I just can’t live without you but as relationships often lead to break ups we know that this is not always true but there are certain things that make our lives complete that contribute to the pep in our step and the joy in our day. I [...]

It’s my stream of consciousness day!


The title alone seems like a contradiction in terms. I know that I am awake but it all feels blurred and muddled so I am unsure as to what is going to come out next. My challenge today is to just write, don’t stop, don’t edit, post, so I am looking forward to finding out [...]

Laughing with mr lupus theme song

musical note

I have been challenged to write a song. There is something about the idea of writing a song that takes me to a place of cannots rather than can dos so I am digging deep to complete the task set before me. Today is not the greatest of days and I think the lyrics reflect [...]

Carole’s letter to her 16 year old self


From the desk of a wiser 40 something year old Tuesday 10 April 2012 London Dear Carole, I am talking to you from your future. Given your furtile imagination it’s probably not hard to imagine yourself 33 years older but you will never have guessed how it would have turned out so I just want [...]

Keep Calm there is a remedy!


The Keep Calm posters and parafanaila are everywhere and the idea of calmness, particularly in the face of a storm, holds great appeal. I have however, decided that in my version it is not so much about calmness and being still, but more about creating an oasis in the midst of the crap. An oasis [...]

#HAWMC Day 2: Quotation Inspiration

I love words so there are actually many quotes that I love and I find inspiring, so in making a choice I decided to take one of my current feelings and think of a quote relating to that. I have lupus patches on my scalp which often shine red, and lupus has started to invade [...]