Strong Black Woman/Superwoman

Super woman

Researchers have suggested that health disparities in African American women, including adverse birth outcomes, lupus, obesity, and untreated depression, can be explained by stress and coping. The Strong Black Woman/Superwoman role has been highlighted as a phenomenon influencing African American women’s experiences and reports of stress. A recent study explores the concept. Read more here

Vaccines and lupus


It’s that time of year when the flu season is well and truly upon us. And just like always at this time of year the threat of more sophisticated strains of the virus is hovering in the air and if you add to that the swine flu challenges the issue of vaccinations raises its head [...]

The Right Moves for Lupus – Fitness DVD


I have just come across this DVD created by Lupus Foundation of America Piedmont Chapter, which has given me a great idea so watch out UK based lupus patients I might be asking you to take part in a fitness video very soon. In the meantime If lupus has you on the sidelines rather than [...]