It’s lupus Awareness month 10 things I need you to be aware of.

lupus awareness month

But for me I am already aware. I often wonder what to do at times like this. What do I want people to be aware of? and more importantly what do I want them to do? Every year this time comes around I feel stumped. I don’t want to just let you know that lupus [...]

The only martyrs are dead ones!

When your GP asks if you want an ambulance say yes!

Sometimes it doesn’t help to be a martyr! I thought I’d had it sorted out. Instead of my usual it will pass approach to health and healing I chose to go to the doctor as soon as I was aware that there was something wrong. Great I thought no hospital for me. My GP was [...]

Wasn’t it the tortoise who won the race?


I don’t care what you say that’s the thought I am holding onto! When I first heard of the Health Activist Writers Month Challenge I was excited at the thought of being part of something bigger than myself and of operating under the umbrella of a Health Activist. As the days drifted by I forgot [...]

I’m up and at it and you should be too!


Do you ever find that there are things that help to make you feel better but because of the ‘depression, pain, lack of motivation etc. you just don’t get around to doing it? Please tell me that this is not just me! Writing makes me feel  better, something about sharing in the moment helps to [...]

It’s going to be foggy inside today!


It is one thing for the weather to be wet cold and miserable outside but for that same conditions to exist in your head is another story completely. I have to admit to being lost in the fog over the past couple of weeks and not being able to see the light that I need [...]

Just a tin of beans

Open tin of baked beans

All that was standing between me and starvation (okay that might be a bit of an exaggeration but it felt that way) was a can of ring pull baked beans. (Note to self go shopping and make sure the cupboards are full.) Do you know how hard it is to open a tin of baked [...]

Here’s to freedom!

Freedom from lupus yes please

“The moment you can visualize being free from the things that hold you back, you have indeed begun to set yourself free.”—Unknown I just love this picture, it depicts exactly how it feels sometimes to have movement and life restricted but just like in the picture all things are possible

Laughing on Saturday 9 July

The Daily Fog weekend

It’s been a while, a very long while and today although it’s a short one I think you’ll love this because I have decided that it’s time to start laughing with mr lupus again and I have so much to tell you about. God knows there’s been a whole lot to cry about from ambulances [...]

I’m a butterfly!

I am a butterfly

A lot has happened since I last wrote so in the guise of a new beginning I have to tell you about a dramatic change in my life. I had been growing my locs for five years and I really loved the way my hair moved, being able to walk through the streets of Jamaica [...]

Identity lost!

lupus fog on a Monday

I have been thinking (that’s the trouble when you have so much time on your hands) a lot about health and identity recently as I struggle to understand and appreciate who I am and who I am becoming as a result of elements or my personality being eroded, hidden or exposed (I’m not sure which) by [...]