So what about mr lupus in 2010?

Wow I made it and I stand (okay lie down) boldly at the beginning of a new year. Yes I know I sound surprised but there were moments in 2009 when I have to admit that I thought mr lupus had won and at those times, I would have willingly handed over the keys to my life but

I just stopped!


It’s been a long time since I put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard and shared my journey with mr lupus. To be perfectly honest with you this is probably because I have felt as though I was no longer on a journey and had in fact arrived at a huge full stop. [...]

It’s World lupus Day!

Today the whole world are joining together so we can make a ripple across the globe. It feels as though we should be observing a 1-minute silence or something like that in anticipation of his death (I’m referring to mr lupus of course). Yes that’s exactly what I want to do, so let’s do it! [...]

Living with lupus is more than just about symptoms, medication, & treatment.Laughter and a positive mental attitude are essential nutrients in the daily diet of life and there is always a story to tell. In this space I want to share my story with you and hopefully together we can discover more coping mechanisms and [...]

Faces of lupus

Another mr lupus production!

I’m sure this whole lymph node thing is a mr lupus production. But sitting around waiting for something to happen or not is no fun at all and is almost worst than the pain itself but if it was anything serious they would have seen it by now wouldn’t they? I am convinced that mr [...]

And no George Clooney in sight!

How is it that after watching so many hospital dramas I have not been able to find one good looking, to die for (pardon my pun) doctor on all my trips and stays in hospital? (Answers on a postcard please) The operating theatre was smaller than I had imagined, stark and white with a accent [...]

Have you lost weight recently?

I was really excited the night I went to sleep and woke up a size thinner okay maybe it wasn’t quite an overnight thing but it sure felt that way. One day the clothes I was wearing as a result of the steroids clung snugly to my hips the next day they didn’t and I [...]

A stay in hospital has its good points!

As a single woman living alone, there are very few browny points when mr lupus comes to call so much so that I have to admit that my recent stay in hospital highlighted just what I have been missing (sad but true). Sitting alone on the settee, comforted by 24hr TV I realised that being [...]

Surely I must be up or some kind of award!

Before the end of February I had been to casualty three times, visited my GP twice, met up with my rheumatologist and spent six days in hospital. I don’t know about you but if I had to schedule those times in my diary I wouldn’t have been able to do it. Not that I am [...]