I’m afraid!

Image via WikipediaAfter another long day of lying on the settee watching reruns of reruns of my old favourite Diagnosis Murder I thought about it and realised that the most distinguished emotion in recent times have been that of fear. In fact, I am scared of quite a few things. Things which under normal (although [...]

Stop the world I want to get off!

No seriously, stop the world I want to get off! I feel as though no one is listening to me. Why does the world keep moving? Okay maybe that’s just a gentle reminder that horizontal is so much better than vertical. I know that it’s the Christmas season but does mr lupus really have to [...]

mr lupus goes travelling

mr lupus is truly international. It actually dosen’t matter where in the worl you are I mean I got on a plan and travelled thousands of miles to get away from him only to find that as I got up to get off the plane there he was. he now has almost as many stamps [...]

There is no help in the kitchen?

Well I did get up and I did go to the kitchen and did it help? Of course not one of my challenges is about food so why I thought the kitchen would be a good place to find light in my present darkness I will never know. I wonder if this was one of [...]

Talking with the enemy!

I know that I don’t usually use the word suffering so please excuse me, as that seems to be the only word that almost conveys how I am feeling. Today is one of those dark grey days – Miserable Monday- situated somewhere between Solemn Sunday and Fabulous Friday (well I have to hold on to [...]

A lighter life!

I just came across a magazine in my pile of things to read when I am able to focus long enough for it to make any sense called ‘Lighter Life’. The magazine relates to a diet where you are quite literally starved for months on end to enable you to loose stones in a short [...]

Sleeping with a friend!

It was 6am and as the sunlight streamed through the window it created a silver reflection on his coat and as I turned to face him a smile came across my face. It wasn’t planned, we didn’t set out to sleep together but Mac had become such an integral part of my life that this [...]

I hope you can dance!

I was sorting through my computer trying to make sense of all of the stuff I have on it and I cam across the following quote and poem and just wanted to share it. It all seemed apt in relation to me, my life, mr lupus and the path I am desperately trying to carve [...]

Yesterday was a great day!

Yes you heard me right I said great and all the while with mr lupus biting at my heels. I know the weather was lousy but I set myself one task (just the one) and I managed to achieve it and more, so I am taking time out to celebrate which sounds so much better [...]

I need your help!

I hover in front of my living room curtains, but my brain refuses to give the order to my arms to open the curtains and let the light in. mr lupus has tricked it into believing that staying in the dark is the safest place to be, but as the sunshine knocks lovingly at my [...]