The power of a detox!

I can now officially add radio to my long list of media appearances, talking about the subject near and dear to both our hearts ‘mr lupus’ (okay maybe long is not quite the right term but I have now appeared on both TV and radio) I’m back home from sharing the air waves with the [...]

A booty call!

I know it’s unusual for me to post twice in one day but I just had to share this with you I am meeting up with a man later this evening. Yes you heard it a man! In fact he is sending a car to pick me up at 11pm (GMT) for us to link [...]

It’s chronic!

My doctor says this depression is chronic so there you have it another label to add to my long list of symptoms and conditions. I read my doctor’s notes on me once, never again, they have such a way with words and with one small pen stroke they change your life forever. Sure I am [...]

I did it!

Yes I did it! I celebrated my ‘down’ day by going for a ride around the aisles of a large Asda supermarket and I must admit, as strange as I might have looked with my crutch perched to one side and my bright orange handbag and no shopping in the basket in front of me, [...]

Better out than in!

It’s a Tuesday morning, the sun is shining, my doctor says I am depressed and I am about to leave the house to deliver a workshop, what more can a woman ask for to challenge her and all in one day? In spite of or maybe because of all of this, I think I am [...]

It’s still okay to observe!

Happy World lupus Day! Okay I know it was yesterday, but I’m living under the umbrella of lupus so I can be forgiven for running slowly. It’s not that I forgot it’s just that I couldn’t get my act together and by the time I did, well it was today. So seeing as we are [...]

My legs have sent me to Coventry!

Its official my legs have sent me to Coventry. For the whole of yesterday they refused to have any meaningful conversation with me. I tried talking to them, I touched them affectionately, I apologised for treating them badly but they simply refused to pay me any attention. So I sat, lay down, slept, watched meaningless [...]

The power of the Disabled Badge!

I’ve finally found a reason and a purpose for my disabled badge. I was off to an appointment and the person was running late and seeing as it was nearly lunch time and I still hadn’t had breakfast, I thought I should kill time (why do we use the word kill in respect to time?) [...]

I just don’t care!

I’m up early courtesy of a phone call from a friend to ask the often loaded question “how are you doing today?” Firstly it’s 8am and I’m not awake and secondly I’m living with mr lupus so how would I realy know? I realised that my annoyance with the morning’s interference was not just about [...]

Lost moments!

She woke to find herself naked; the nightwear that had been tightly wound around her body was gone. This startled her and she hurriedly looked around the room to see if anyone was there or if anything had been disturbed. Everything looked normal so what had happened to her in the night? She remembers falling [...]