Weekend food for thought!

Light in the fog

I discovered that accepting something is not the same as liking something. I know that should have already been obvious but it took me a while to get it. I have been unwilling to accept my lot because somewhere in the back of my mind I harboured the misguided thought that if I accepted my [...]

Can you get addicted?

Light in the fog

Got a call from my friend’s daughter recently to come quick mum (who has been my casualty buddy for the last four years) not doing good. I rushed out of the house with just my keys and whatever change I had in my pocket. I held her as she cried and waited as the paramedics [...]

Sometimes you need to make a change!


We all know what foggy looks like and for those of us who seem to be afflicted from time to time with that environment in our heads we know there is no fun there. I’ve decided to declare war on the fogginess (it is clearly not a foggy moment now) and instead of just talking [...]

It’s going to be foggy inside today!


It is one thing for the weather to be wet cold and miserable outside but for that same conditions to exist in your head is another story completely. I have to admit to being lost in the fog over the past couple of weeks and not being able to see the light that I need [...]

Unfinished business


I admit it I am having a ‘few’ lupus challenges at the moment (I can no longer pretend) so when someone sends you an out of the blue text that says: ‘my friend has lupus and they are not sure she is going to make it through the night’ it feels like a huge blow [...]

I don’t like change!

Musings from the lupus fog

It’s official, I don’t like change. I thought I did, I thought I could cope well with it. I even used to quip that change is easy look how we all managed to make it today without bemoaning the loss of yesterday. Crazy and big headed, I know but the moment a ‘new’ carer knocked [...]

I am not superwoman

lupus fog on a Monday

I stepped inbetween a fight that was about to kick off between two adults at a 9-year-old party completely forgetting mr lupus, who incidentally reprimanded. Strongly for the next three days. I jumped in as a superhero ready to save the day and the world from themselves. Lesson’s learnt - Apart from the fact that I [...]

Laughing on Saturday 9 July

The Daily Fog weekend

It’s been a while, a very long while and today although it’s a short one I think you’ll love this because I have decided that it’s time to start laughing with mr lupus again and I have so much to tell you about. God knows there’s been a whole lot to cry about from ambulances [...]

What’s the combination?

The Daily Fog weekend

“I have an impressive bank of knowledge and experience just can’t remember the combination.” Can anyone help? Isn’t that one of the not so ‘fun’ challenges that we are faced with on a daily basis living with lupus. Our memories are not quite what they used to be. I have been told that this is [...]

It’s safe honest!


“Everything I can’t find is in a totally secure place.” Does this ever happen to you. You know you put it in a safe place but the problem is you can’t remember where that safe place is. I had a substantial amount of cash which I put in a safe place assuring myself that I [...]