Is it really the morning after?

Musings from the lupus fog

Today’s musing is something I came across that I think very clearly explains how we feel sometimes on our journey through the lupus fog. “I feel like the morning after and I can swear I didn’t go any place.” If this is how you are feeling today, know that it’s okay to feel that way [...]

What do you have in your hand?

lupus fog on a Monday

I bet you probably thought I’d stopped laughing with mr lupus. To an extent you are right. I think I hit a brick wall and no longer wanted to be optimistic about my condition and I believed I had earned the right to feel that way. I was sick and tired of feeling sick and [...]

Christmas with mr lupus

The Daily Fog weekend

I’ve done it, I’ve made it through another Christmas moment through the mountain of food I don’t want to eat, the presents I didn’t get and mr lupus’ good friend raynaud’s syndrome knocking at my door. How is it that just when I am starting to feel better, to reclaim the ‘me’ in all of [...]

Identity lost!

lupus fog on a Monday

I have been thinking (that’s the trouble when you have so much time on your hands) a lot about health and identity recently as I struggle to understand and appreciate who I am and who I am becoming as a result of elements or my personality being eroded, hidden or exposed (I’m not sure which) by [...]

lupus awareness

The Daily Fog weekend

That term always makes me smile, as I am already aware of mr lupus and his antics but I guess it’s not really about me or you for that matter but for the millions of people who have yet to become acquainted with the pains and challenges of this condition. I’ve decided that I need [...]

I asked!


Can you believe it, today I asked a friend to show me how to do something we both know I know how to do. Essentially I was asking her to give me permission to be me. Bizarre I know but mr lupus has me second guessing myself. Somehow because of the diagnosis and the journey [...]

Keeping the wolf from the door


It’s officially cold in my part of town and I have to admit that I really don’t like it. Okay maybe that is an understatement. I hate it and more significantly my limbs…

The Test!

I went to the library today and someone asked me if I was there to take ‘the test’ hot on the heals of a hospital appointment the only test I could think of was something that involved needles and discomfort and my first thoughts were that was there no where safe, how did they find [...]

This one made me laugh

Today I came across some quotes that although aimed at people getting older are so pertinent to those of us experiencing ‘The Fog’ on our journey with lupus. This one made me laugh to myself (I thought it best not to laugh out loud as I was standing in a crowed shop at the time) [...]