How to Help a Friend Who Has An Invisible Illness

How to help a friend with an invisible illness

My friend asked me recently how can she help? good question but I didn’t have a clue how to answer her. Did I need money, a cooked meal, someone to hold my hand at my next hospital appointment, a miracle.. I searched the corridors of my mind, but they were still a bit foggy, and [...]

Is it really the morning after?

Musings from the lupus fog

Today’s musing is something I came across that I think very clearly explains how we feel sometimes on our journey through the lupus fog. “I feel like the morning after and I can swear I didn’t go any place.” If this is how you are feeling today, know that it’s okay to feel that way [...]

No one cares!

Isn’t that what mr lupus often gently whispers in your ears as you sit alone in your lupus stupor and just for a moment you might even begin to believe it yourself. Personally there have been times when I have felt alone and a card carrying member of the great unloved but recently I have [...]