ondivascouchlongAre you feeling challenged by what lupus or any other chronic condition is throwing at you?

As a trained life coach and someone who has always believed that the glass is half full (even when it was empty) I knew the theory but the very foundation of my beliefs were shaken when lupus took hold of my life. I had allowed a chronic condition to steal my joy;

It was only when I realised who I am, not who lupus had made me that I found the strength, passion and ability to move forward. But I didn’t do it alone. I found myself a coach and as I continue my journey I know the importance of having someone there to encourage and support you along the way and I want to offer that support to you.

Help is at hand.
Living with a chronic disease is not easy – for the person with the disease, as well as for family and friends.

Living with a chronic condition, you experience loss in two ways – you mourn the way you used to live your life, and you worry about living life in the future.

As the friend or family of someone who has developed a chronic condition, you experience loss as well, but in a slightly different way – your loved one as you knew them is lost to you. Initially, you may feel sympathetic, but eventually you may begin to feel frustrated, angry and confined by the change.

All of these feelings are perfectly normal but you don’t have to get lost in it. I would like to offer you a way out.

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